indonesian rijsttafel

July 18th, 2020

The Dutch Eatery & Refuge

is delighted to present our 1st annual Rijsttafel

Babi Kecap - ginger pork shoulder
Beef Rendang – Slow cooked but crispy beef in coconut curry sauce
Tempeh Blado – Spicy and sweet tempeh
Saté – Creamy yet slightly spicy peanut sauce covering your choice of chicken or cauliflower

Sides & Condiments:
Pisang Goreng – Crunchy fried banana fritters
Sambal Goreng Telor – Fried egg with tart and spicy Sambal sauce
Vegetable Loempia, Krulpuk, Atjar tampoer, Serundeng, White rice & Nasi

Stroopwafels with Tropical Fruit

$26 per person++

Reservations are required and limited to 8 people, to allow for proper social distancing

*menu is subject to change, due to pandemic caused shortages 


The Dutch Eatery & Refuge

in Main Gate Square on the corner of Park & University  

Call 520.792.6684


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